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KageAkurei32's gameplay for Dark Souls (X360)

KageAkurei32 played Dark Souls

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KageAkurei32 said...
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I advanced into Blightown and dominated Chaos Witch Quelaag. Then I traveled and discovered The Catacombs to acquire the Skull Lantern; I took the item to Snuggly and soon acquired the Ring of Fog. I then traveled back to The Catacombs to take care of Pinwheel, and I dominated him in less than 3 minutes. I used a Heavy Knight build. I also tried to dominate the Stray Demon and The Bridge Wyvern, but failed miserably.
Dark Souls

Dark Souls (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 04/OCT/11
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